A Look Into The Puffco Proxy

A Look Into The Puffco Proxy

Puffco is known to many, even to non-stoners. Since its founding in 2013, the device manufacturer has made several advances in the weed market. 

Even customers least interested in concentration have probably used one or a couple of their devices, from developing pen technology to inventing e-rigs. Puffco has launched another hash advancement, which is not water filtered.

The business, run by Roger Volodarsky, is the culmination of a couple of years of intensive research. The result is the Puffco Proxy, a dry pipe in the Sherlock style with a modular vaporizer that comes with a 3D chamber. 

According to Volodarsky, this may be the most complete Puffco product they have come up with and the most vetted, tested, and put through strict testing control. 

It is the first vaporizer that is entirely modular, allowing the internals to be completely removed and placed in any type of glass container. The product was intended to be incredibly simple to build around and use.

The 3D chamber, which the company first unveiled last year, has been in development since February 2020; however, because of difficulties in the supply chain for microchips, it is only now becoming available in its finished form.

More About the Culture

The product offers something incredibly tasty, simple to use, and a lovely experience for those who don’t enjoy smoking. For Volodarsky, today’s hash culture is the most progressive and rapidly expanding cannabis environment. 

Every year, new varieties of hash are created. There seem to be new products and devices every year, from honey buckets to swing arms. 

If you enjoy smoking pipes and have never smoked from a bowl, all you need to do is fill your pipe and start puffing. Everyone has some familiarity with that.

How High?

Most people say that dabs have a roasting effect on their throats. The idea of eliminating the water filtration struck Volodarsky as odd because he didn’t think people would want to take the chance of letting the smoke hit their throats at a higher temperature. But, all his doubts have been cleared after trying the device for a week. 

There’s something about the size and the fact that it’s a bowl that makes it incredibly intuitive for striking, even if you’re still puffing at the same temperature as how you use the bigger Proxy. You’ll realize after your first puff that you should take this smoke slowly rather than ripping it as you would from a bong. 

The flavor you’ll get from your concentrates is the best thing about the Proxy, despite the smoke not overpowering, which is a huge selling feature. This monstrosity SPITS, said Volodarsky, terps more commendable than the Peak. You will undoubtedly discover new flavors in substances you have smoked numerous times.

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