While more and more people are learning about the benefits of cannabis and its potential health advantages, some are still hesitant to try or have conflicting opinions about the risks. This is what we’re here for. Welcome to Cannabis Canada Direct.

This is a platform that aims to educate people about the benefits of cannabis while debunking false narratives that have been coming out regarding the herb. We believe that the more information is out there about the plant, the more people will benefit from its healing effects and other properties.

Who are we?

We are a group of cannabis enthusiasts who have spent time studying and researching the plant. Many of us have also tried it or have influenced others to use the herb for its medicinal benefits.

Let us guide you toward a better understanding of this healing plant. Rest your worries because, since the amendment of the Cannabis Act in 2018, it has been deemed legal in Canada both for recreational and medical use. 

It is now legal to possess, use, cultivate, and sell cannabis to people 18 years old and above. But still, certain regulations must be followed, which we will update you about.

Let’s talk about anything and everything about cannabis. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We will help enlighten you about what else you need to know about cannabis and its use.

Likewise, we’re here to remind you about its responsible use. While it’s legal and beneficial, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe for everyone. It is advised to seek medical help before turning to cannabis if you have a history of mental illness, have an existing medical condition, or are pregnant. 

While it’s beneficial, heavy use and abuse of the plant may lead to harmful effects, including addiction. It may also carry out temporary adverse effects, including dry mouth, slowed reaction rate, and elevated heartbeat.

Cannabis Canada Direct will guide you about the beneficial cannabis strains and their proper use. We will also recommend reliable suppliers where you can get them.