A Guide to the Best Bong Brands

A Guide to the Best Bong Brands

The bong is one of the most common ways to ingest cannabis, second only to traditional joints, albeit it’s not the most discreet. It is simple to fall in love with bong hits since they are flavorful, powerful, and easier on the lungs. But not all glass is made the same.

What Qualifies A Good Bong?

Avoid any bongs made of borosilicate glass. Although it is heat resistant and sturdy and is used in most bong products, you cannot trust the quality of the cheaply-priced ones.

Aside from the bong’s water filtration, the smoke is filtered with the help of percolators. They filter particles, including ash, and allow the smoke to cool. 

One possible addition is a splashguard, which prevents water from splashing into your mouth and kissing the fish.

Recommended Bongs

Here are some of the bongs you can look into if you are in search of a good buy:

Hemper’s Glass Bongs


Hemper is a company that combines enjoyment, functionality, and durability. It designs colorful and imaginative bongs that simplify smoking sessions without sacrificing fun.

They have many different styles of pipes, bubblers, and bongs. You can see that they take their designs and glassware seriously in everything from recyclers to micro and small bongs.

DangleBong’s Ultimate Titanium Water Pipe

This first titanium water pipe on the market is unbreakable. The smoke-cooling process is improved by the titanium body of the device to produce the smoothest hits. In addition, unlike glass, this material is unbreakable without affecting the flavor of your dry herbs or concentrate.

Mj Arsenals’ Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar 

MJ Arsenal released the Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar, a fashionable bong modeled by a several hundred-year-old Southeast Asian pipe, knowing they didn’t want to offer anything conventional. On the beaker base, it has a built-in storage jar to keep your flower fresh and available when needed. 

Chill Steel Pipes

Chill Steel Pipes look like standard stainless steel water pipes from the outside, but they are much more than that. They are made of food-grade stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation and come in practically any color and style you can think of. The interior of the bong includes a stylish ceramic coating for smooth hits and isopropyl alcohol cleaning convenience.

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