The Biggest Brands of Cannabis in 2023

The Biggest Brands of Cannabis in 2023

Building a brand is a major business, especially in the cannabis industry where customer loyalty largely determines success. 

The best brands helped define the industry in the past years, whether it was by the development of novel cannabis strains, the production of high-quality flowers, or the creation of potent concentrates and delectable edibles.

Here are some of our recommendations:

1. Blueprint

Before Blueprint’s launch in the summer of 2022, the company’s entry into the cannabis market was eagerly awaited by industry insiders in Sacramento and elsewhere. And it was justified; even now, varieties like P90 and Triple Lindy continue to rule the roost.

The lack of information people provide about their DNA makes Blueprint extremely intriguing. Lineage is typically a major part of generating buzz about new strains, with businesses promoting their genetic lines as a vital component of their corporate identity. 

Blueprint’s meticulous selection process, which involves going through over 140 different flavors every few months to pick the best of the best, is one of the things that sets it apart from the competition.

2. Compound Genetics

Since the beginning of 2022, Compound Genetics has had significant seed dips and a run of trophy victories throughout North America. Even though this degree of achievement has come to be somewhat anticipated by the renowned breeding business, it is nonetheless remarkable.

Since Compound Genetics relocated to San Francisco a few years ago and subsequently partnered with Node Labs, we have been keen viewers of their work and have seen the strains Jokerz, Red Bullz, and Pave explode into the scene. 

All new strains are guaranteed high-quality and economically viable thanks to Node Labs’ exacting phenohunting and stress-testing procedures.

3. Veritas

As its name implies, Veritas, an organization with headquarters in Colorado, is all about openness. In order to create new genomes, the Veritas team is now collaborating with Node Labs. 

Operations at Veritas use a combination of custom and typical machinery and procedures. With up to 100 bamboo stakes to help spread branches and promote trichome development, they cultivate their plants in atmosphere-controlled spaces with high-pressure sodium lamps.

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