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The Honey Oil Cartridge is a discreet solution for both novice and seasoned cannabis users. Each Cartridge contains approximately 365mg of THC honey oil with the cannabinoid and terpene profile intact. Take a slow pull and wait to feel the effects before proceeding. Tetra Technologies honey oil is a fantastic product – and a staff favourite – and they take exceptional measures to deliver a premium extract. Bring a little honey into your life.

Available in 4 different strains, Mimosa, Grapefruit, Voodoo and Inzane in the Membrane

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THC Honey Oil in disposable vape cartridges from BPY Canada’s Best Online Dispensary

Honey Oil | 69-75% THC | 0.5-1.5% CBD

High quality and High in THC this amazing honey oil is perfect for vaping. This medicinal honey oil is made using sub-zero temperatures with short contact times to extract this amazing blend of cannabinoids. As opposed to a traditional distillate cartridge, these ones have a better cannabinoid profile with more of the natural terpenes, CBD, etc that many smokers are looking for.

*Easy to slip into a pocket or purse, they are perfect for on the go, inconspicuous medicating.

*Every cartridge has special ceramic coils for proper consumption of honey. The sleek design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go.

*A level dose, clean product for pain management, insomnia, stress etc.

*The pens emit a sweet-smelling smoke and are discreet.

*Available flavours are Inzane in the Membrane, Voodoo, Mimosa and Grapefruit. Approximately 365 mg of THC per cartridge (.5 g of Honey Oil in Pen, Pen cart is re-fillable about 2-3 times.)

Pre-filled 0.5g Cartridges.

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Mimosa, Mimosa with Battery, Grapefruit Honey Oil, Grapefruit Honey Oil with Battery, Inzane in the Membrane, Inzane in the Membrane with Battery, Voodoo Honey Oil, Voodoo Honey Oil with Battery

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