What Is The Best Marijuana for Anxiety?

Looking for a marijuana strain that’s the best for anxiety? Let’s find out what you should be looking for to put your mind at ease!

Finding a strain of marijuana that suits your requirements isn’t always easy. For anyone suffering from anxiety, finding the weed equivalent to valium is the ultimate goal. Every cannabis strain has a different ratio of terpenes, cannabinoids and more that interact differently and will have different effects. Before you just start using the cheapest or first marijuana strain you come across, let’s look at what you need to find the best marijuana for anxiety.

Marijuana Panic Attacks

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you know that it can have a paralyzing effect on your body. And with all the fear of weed making you “paranoid,” choosing a strain that can actually reduce that anxiousness is hard, because who wants to treat their panic attacks with something that might cause them panic attacks? Some types of weed which are high in THC can actually trigger episodes of anxiety or make anxiety worse if they are used to much. CBD is considered more reliable when treating the symptoms of anxiety. A small amount of THC in the strain is good, but start your search with the marijuana strains that have higher amounts of CBD.

Everyone reacts differently to different strains of marijuana. Some people like a strain with high THC and low CBD, while others prefer the opposite. It’s important that you take it slowly and evaluate which strain is working for you and which isn’t.

Below are our Top 3 recommended strains of marijuana for anxiety!

1. Sour Tsunami – Sour Tsunami is a high CBD strain of marijuana. It has a CBD content of around 10%, with a THC content of between 6% and 7%. Sour Tsunami has a very calming effect, and many users have recommended it for those that suffer from both anxiety and depression.

2. Cannatonic – Cannatonic is a well known CBD strain of marijuana. Cannatonic has a CBD percentage of between 6% and 17%, giving you a very calm high without the high THC buzz.

Northern Lights Marijuana For Anxiety

3. Northern Lights – Northern Lights is a strong Indica strain of marijuana. Just a heads up, this guy is high in THC, almost 18%, and is ideal for those that prefer high THC for their anxiety. Northern Lights is an ideal strain to smoke before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep.