Blue Plus Yellow

Blue Plus Yellow is now Online Dispensary Canada

Nothing else is different – same great service, products, and reliability, just a new name!

Why the name change?

Blue + Yellow has changed to Online Dispensary Canada to better reflect our business and to make it easier for our customers to find us. While we personally love our branded riddle, some find it confusing and difficult to remember.

What does this mean for you?

Very little. We are the same company that you have trusted and love, but with a new name. Nothing has changed with your account, but you will now visit us at (this current website you are on) rather than We will be updating our payment processor, so the email you have been sending payments to will change. Other than that, same high-quality products and excellent customer service, nothing new there!

What happens if I visit Blue+Yellow?

You can continue going to but you will simply be redirected to Use the site just as you would with Blue+Yellow.

Same Benefits Of Blue Plus Yellow:

Here are some of the benefits to ordering weed from our new name, Online Dispensary Canada:

  • Free express shipping on all orders over $149, with all orders made before 2:00 pm EST shipped that same day. For orders below $99 we offer a flat $15 expresspost shipping for all packages.
  • Passionate, well-educated staff that are ready to help you with any questions/concerns you have for all things cannabis, CBD, & cannabis-related.
  • One of the highest quality marijuana and marijuana-derived products, with a focus on CBD products as well.
  • Great selection of weed strains, weed concentrates, vapes & smoking accessories, weed edibles and much more.
  • Super fresh products – our large base of loyal customers from coast to coast in Canada means that none of our products are sitting around getting stale.